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Welcome to Australian and New Zealand booksellers and thank you for visiting the BibliOZ.com Seller Management Services website.

Do please report any significant problems you encounter by email or telephone and we shall try to get a fix in place for you as soon as possible. Check the links below for more information and Frequently Asked Questions

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Q6. How can I tell how many books I currently have listed?

After logging in at biblioz.biz select the menu option My Account - View my account statistics. at the top of the screen that displays is the number of Active Listings. You can also see here a range of other helpful statistics relating to your inventory and, below that, to your orders. These statistics include totals and averages for both numbers and prices of your books and orders.


The owners and operators of BibliOZ.com, BiblioQuest International, have extended invitations to selected dealers in fine, antiquarian, out-of-print and used books to participate in our direct inventory upload service. These bookdealers, from all over Australia and New Zealand, have been invited mainly on the basis of an existing or previous trading relationship with our booksearch business since we commenced operation in 1994. We hope to buy and sell a lot more of your books in the years ahead.

For more information and tech support: Email booksellers@biblioz.com

or Phone Australia 1800 067 877 New Zealand 0800 771 773

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